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100_0770_reduced.jpgSaint-Gobain pioneered the design and use of fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) bags in 1982 for medical use. Saint-Gobain continues to build inert bags that will not interfere with any cellular, immunologic, chemical or biologic process.  Saint-Gobain makes custom shapes and sizes.

Saint-Gobain uses patented laser welding technology to manufacture optically clear plastic containers in more than 200 shapes and sizes from one milliliter to 10 liters.  These containers are bags and pouches for cell culture and cryopreservation for research and clinical applications.  Cell cultures transpire through the bag walls within a closed system.

FEP is extremely durable as a non-immunogenic cryopreservation container for stem cells, cancer vaccines, and human organs and tissues. When immersed in liquid nitrogen for cryopreservation, the bags remain intact and flexible.